Jayefo Padded Inner Gloves
  • 💪USES | Jayefo’s Professional Hand Wraps Muay Thai Can Be Used By Men, Women, Youth For Mma , Boxing , Krav Maga, Heavy Bag , Kickboxing, Muay Thai Training. We Have Accurate Sizes with Extra Long Wrist Sleeve for Better Boxing Gloves Grip & Wrist Support.
  • 💪PADDED | Jayefo Punching Wraps Are Two Layers’ Gel Padded Giving You Extra Knuckle Protection During Intense Heavy Bag Training.
  • 💪MACHINE WASH | These Easy Boxing Hand Wraps Are Also Easy to Wash, Just Throw Your Jayefo Boxing Hand Wraps In Your Laundry They Will Come Out Fresh As New.
  • 💪WRIST WRAP | Our Men & Women Kickboxing Wraps Has A 36” Long Wrist Wrap for Ultimate Protection For Your Wrist During Martial, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai Fighting Training
  • 💪WARRANTY | We Offer 3 Years’ Warranty On These Boxing Wrist Wraps, Any Issues? Message Us We Have Got Your Purchase Covered With Replacement Or A Full Refund On These Speed Bag Gloves.
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    Jayefo Sports Kickboxing Speed Wrist Wraps Padded Knuckle Hand Wraps for Men & Women Jayefo's padded inner gloves for boxing are designed to provide the best support and comfort while you train. Made with quality materials and construction, these machine washable hand wrap gloves are a slim fit and easy to put on under boxing gloves. With over-lock stitching for a better fingerless fit and a traditional open thumb, these pro wraps boxing are accurate in sizing. The long wrist sleeve provides the best wrist support while the speed wraps improve your performance. Available in multiple colors, Jayefo's padded inner gloves for boxing are a must-have for any fighter. Jayefo lightweight boxing knuckle pads increase hand speed and protect your hands during training. The fingerless boxing wraps for women and men provide better boxing gloves grip and prevent wrist injuries. The long wrist wrap of this boxing hand wraps for women and women prevents injuries during training boxing, mma. The two layers padded knuckle punching wraps prevent knuckle injuries. Hook & loop velcro closure for easy fast quick wraps use. Additionally the this breathable hand wraps for boxing gloves prevent sweat odors.


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