Loyalkoch Hit and Run 360° Boxing Training Equipment
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Hit & Run 360° Sx250 Professional Boxing Partner – Reflex Boxing Bar – Training Station For Boxers – Wall Mounted Spinning Bar – Multi-Station Boxing Stand – Boxing Exercise Training

Advanced athletes, as well as beginners, benefit from Hit and Run 360°. Hit and Run 360° is the new generation training equipment that increases the reflex ability of the athlete, gives strength, and teaches combat in the most fun way.

Thanks to Hit and Run 360°, you will be able to do sports just like at the gym at home.

Box sports is a training equipment that lives a real training experience from the initial level to professional sports.

Produced with high quality athlete and natural friendly material structure, that is resistant to turn hundreds of thousand tours.

The championship has been tested and recommended by the athletes and provided only.

Suitable for the working programs in the education video kit and regularly worked.

1. Development of reflexes.

2. Muscle development and power and force gain.

3. Aims to increase attack and defense ability by supporting speed and technical skills.

4. La with daily regular work, it helps you to give weight by making a contribution to your calorie in a short time.

The products are sent to you in disassembled form. You can easily set up the product with the setup guide included in the box. You can also watch it on our youtube channel with its video narration. In addition, the balls on the products are sent to you uninflated in order not to be damaged. In order to inflate the balls, you can inflate the ball with the ball inflating apparatus sent with the product and the inflating needle on it.

Product Dimensions : 31.4 x 8.2 x 20 inches; 25 pounds Date First Available : July 29, 2020 Manufacturer : Loyalkoch ASIN : B08DX5YZFF[/or_column_text][/or_column][/or_row]


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