Muscle Milk 100% Whey Protein Powder
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You give 100% to a workout. It’s time you had a product that gives you that much in return, with quality you can trust. MUSCLE MILK 100% WHEY Protein Powder supplies your body with high quality protein for rapid essential amino acid delivery that can aid recovery and support muscle growth following a workout.

MUSCLE MILK 100% WHEY is a rapid release protein. that can deliver a quick source of amino acids. This is beneficial because you can take advantage of the post workout window when your muscles are the most receptive to nutrients to refuel, repair and grow. Fast acting proteins in MUSCLE MILK 100% WHEY can also provide a quick supply of essential amino acids pre-workout and help you keep your protein levels in good supply throughout the day so you can maintain a positive protein balance.

MUSCLE MILK 100% WHEY powder is NSF Certified for sport Sport ensuring that it’s safe and free of banned substances.

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