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MUSCLE- AND PERFORMANCE-ENHANCING BCAA FORMULA WITH WEIGHT LOSS AMINO BUILD NEXT GEN is fueled by BCAAs (or branched-chain amino acids) which can help promote muscle growth, muscle repair, and reduce muscle soreness after exercise. However, unlike regular amino acid supplements, Amino Build Next Gen is designed with elite athletes in mind and formulated with clinically researched ingredients that drive peak performance – including a higher dose of BCAAs, and clinically researched doses of leucine and betaine that other amino formulas simply don’t have. DELIVERS 8G OF BCAAS This powerful pre- and intra-workout complex contains a massive 8g dose of 100% free-form BCAAs (per 2 scoops) in the ideal 2:1:1 ratio, to help fuel skeletal muscles, preserve muscle glycogen stores and reduce protein breakdown – leading to faster muscle growth and less muscle soreness after training. In fact, the 4g dose of leucine has been shown in a clinical study (from a leading international university) to help subjects increase their 5-rep max strength by over 40% in 12 weeks. These are incredible results! CLINICALLY STUDIED BETAINE FOR MORE LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH Betaine has quickly become a staple of many athletes’ supplementation plans, because of its ability to deliver real gains in lean muscle. Now, you can experience the incredible musclebuilding results too as each 2-scoop serving of AMINO BUILD NEXT GEN is complete with the same clinically studied 2.5g dose of betaine that helped subjects significantly enhance their muscular endurance. This 2.5g dose also helped test subjects pack on 3.75 lbs. of lean muscle! Check out the studies on Betaine: 1. Cholewa et al., 2013. Effects of Betaine on Body Composition, Performance, and Homocysteine Thiolactone [Abstract]. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Retrieved from 2. Hoffman et al., 2009. Effect of Betaine Supplementation on Power Performance and Fatigue [Abstract]. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Retrieved from POWERS ENDURANCE AND PERFORMANCE WITH TAURINE Taurine is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body and plays a variety of roles – but it’s best known for its ability to enhance endurance performance. In fact, in a 2013 study on the 1g dose of taurine found in a full two-scoop serving of AMINO BUILD NEXT GEN! In fact, in a 2013 study on the 1g dose of taurine found in a full two-soop serving of AMINO BUILD NEXT GEN athletes consuming 1g of taurine improved their 3km time trial by 1.7% without significantly affecting heart rate or oxygen uptake! This study was published in the journal Amino Acids. You can check out the full research PROVIDES A PRECISE ELECTROLYTE COMPLEX Amino Build Next Gen is a truly complete formula featuring precise doses of coconut water and watermelon juice as well as electrolytes to help replenish electrolytes that are lost during hard training. Keeping electrolyte levels replenished is a key element in performing at your best!

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