RDX Groin Guard for Boxing & MMA
  • RDX KARA SERIES GROIN GUARD is lightweight and made of Maya Hide leather. The design is sturdy and solidly built, making it one of the most durable groin protectors in the industry. Superior leather construction makes it a perfect choice for MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, karate training and more.
  • HEAVILY PADDED with EVA and thick foam lamination absorb powerful impacts with ease. The heavily padded edges also make it very stable, allowing you to move with ease during sparring sessions. The padding quality allows for a compact level of protection so that you may be kicked in the groin and still be on your feet.
  • COMFORTABLE MOBILITY with groin guard that is constructed with a hard-shell polymer cup to withstand forceful impacts. It is lightweight and does not restrict your movements. You will be extremely mobile in the ring or during sparring sessions. It offers maximum protection in all situations.
  • ELASTIC STRAPS give you a perfect fit and will improve the stability of the groin guard. Our groin guard also has polyester strings that you can adjust according to your comfort and preferences. The elastic straps and polyester strings provide easy on and off.
  • RESILIENT AND SOLID STITCHING ensures that our groin guard will last you a lifetime. The tightly stitched seams won’t come undone even after hard use. The product retains its shape while offering you great value.
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    RDX Maya Hide Maya Hide skin groin protector prides itself on offering unmatched protection against rough hits. The construction material confirms longevity and robustness. The EVA padding and foam lamination are designed to absorb the impact of kicking, and it will also stay in place thanks to the elastic band and polyester strings for comfort and security. It won't hinder your free movement and flexibility, allowing you to be as mobile as possible while ensuring unparalleled protection.


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