RDX Groin Protector for Boxing & MMA
  • RDX groin guard is expertly manufactured with sturdy Maya Hide leather. It offers optimum resiliency against split, tear and cracks. The durable construction material perfectly assists you in sparring, boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, Muay Thai and more.
  • CE Certified and Approved by SATRA protector coupled with Supremo Foam padding for shock dissipation. It guards groin and kidneys well too.
  • Hard shell cup with double layered closed-cell foam for twice the protection, it provides a safety factor against nasty low blows, allowing you a no fear approach during sparring or competition.
  • Use additional cups for double the protection. The compartment is intentionally designed to allow another cup underneath. This additional cup will enhance the already well-guarded protection.
  • Lace closure with traditional hook and loop providing secure fitting. With the strategically designed closure you will not experience irritation or loose wear.
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    RDX groin guard will lace you up for battle, intended with top quality Maya Hide leather for unrivaled durability and resilience that will endure test of times. Supremo- Foam technology cushions your vital areas by guarding them against unfortunate low impacts. Hard shell plastic cup is robust and sturdy and offers twice the protection in contrast to conventional groin cups. The cup compartment is wider and spacious that provides the utility to place dual cups for added safety. Adjustable lace closure system provides additional and more secure tightening capabilities.


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