RDX Groin Protector SATRA Approved Maya Hide Leather
  • Formed using Maya Hide leather, the RDX Groin Guard is impervious to tears, cracks and splits which is ideal for sparring, boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, Muay Thai and other combat sports.
  • A CE certified product along with having SATRA accreditation, this groin guard comes with Supremo Foam technology which proves to be a catalyst in excessive force dissipation.
  • Providing optimum protection to groin and the kidneys, the double layered close cell foam with hard shell plastic cup proves to be a barricade against stray shots.
  • Enough room for placing an extra cup hence augmenting your protection, making it an impenetrable piece of equipment.
  • Lace closure offering a secure and comfortable fit so that you don’t have any concerns of irritation and slippage. This product is ergonomically designed for a perfect and convenient fit which compliments your protection in a perfect manner.
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    While you immerse yourself in MMA, Muay Thai kick boxing or Taekwondo, you make sure that your sensitive areas are adequately protected. Look no further as RDX groin guard ticks all these boxes on protection front, designed using Maya Hide leather which is tear resistant and ideal for any kind of combat sports. Supremo Foam technology assists in shock dissipation while Lace closure allows you to have a secure and comfortable fit. Perfect for protecting your groin area and kidneys, comes equipped with an extra groin cup compartment to further enhance your protection.


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