Sanabul Ankle Guard
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  • Battle Tested: When you’re serious about your training, you’re serious about your gear. The Battle Forged Series is our answer to athletes who demand tougher material. It’s why professional athletes like UFC champion Michael Bisping wear Sanabul
  • Never Slip On The Mats Again: Good technique generates torque, and can cause slipping on the mats. When you’re practicing Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Karate, or any of the striking arts, our foot grips will save you from any embarrassing falls
  • Absorb More With Gel Protection: We took the gel protection in our other products and infused it into our Battle Forged Ankle Wraps. They distribute impacts better so you can kick heavy bags fearlessly, and they protect both your ankle and shin
  • Tradition Meets Technology: We finished our ankle guards with warrior and tiger graphics that honor our old school thai boxing roots
  • Better Fit, Stronger Support: We went through many iterations in the lab to find the sweet spot of compression to support your ankles while leaving the room for easy movement

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