Stallion New York Pro Boxing Groin Protector

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Live Free & Wild! Live The Stallion Style! Excellent Performance! This Abdominal Groin Guard Provides Optimal Protection With Advanced Padding & Comfortable Fit! Fight Like A Stallion! Designed for excellent protection, performance, durability, and fit! The Stallion Abdominal Groin Guard is truly an excellent choice, specifically designed for optimal protection without compromising your mobility and comfort! This groin guard features state-of-the-art shock absorbing padding technology, Dri Fit Micro Mesh Anti-Moisture interior lining, and strong genuine leather outer material. Optimal protection is achieved by utilizing state-of-the-art shock absorbing padding technology. This groin guard features a rear elastic velcro closure for an excellent and firm fit, delivering excellent performance with all the style and fury elite fighters demand! Do Not Hesitate! Definitely An Excellent Choice! Athlete & Coach Approved! A Top Seller On The Market!

Date First Available : June 18, 2020 Manufacturer : Stallion ASIN : B08BG819P8


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